X-it Strategy Consulting LLC - OUR PROCESS


We require time from the management team to determine how we can "focus" into specific tasks that will bring value. The assessment process consists of a combination of interview and review of available documents that describe the business model and drills down to the granular elements of business function, systems, and processes that exist in their current state. The client, with our guidance, drives the level of our engagement, which will often be fluid, focusing on high priority items that address the “Focus” areas. We use pre-existing templates to drive the assessment process, and then insure completeness by considering any areas of the specific business that are not addressed within our templates.
X-it Strategy Consulting LLC

Agreement on Scope

Once we have performed the assessment, we will look to agree with the client on the basic scope of the assignment. The scope will be fluid and controlled by the client’s desires and expectation. A consulting agreement will be executed so our understanding of the consulting arrangement is clear.
X-it Strategy Consulting LLC

Execution & Reporting

Our consultants will then work through the scope, using tools to document the effort and progress. Most of our work will include managing various projects on the priority list, and we will use tracking tools to monitor the effort. Reporting our progress consistently (i.e. weekly) is critical to managing the client’s expectation, which is most important to our engagement.