X-it Strategy Consulting LLC - OUR FOCUS

Owner/Investor Return

The primary theme in our practice is to increase the owner/investor rate of return through our efforts.
X-it Strategy Consulting LLC

Cash Flow

Return on assets is often measured based on cash flow and improvements in cash flow performance. Part of our consulting efforts will be to tackle issues that are affecting cash flow. We will look at elements of cash flow (cash management, liquid assets, etc.) as a part of our assessment process.
X-it Strategy Consulting LLC

Customer Service

Successful businesses drive great financial performance by, in part, providing stellar customer service. Part of our focus will be to assist the client in considering the customer as the number one priority in building processes and systems to support their business model. We believe that management’s customers are not only the paying customer, but the owner/investor, the employee, and vendors. Management’s role is to manage that experience, and our role is to assist management in that effort.