Steps to Operational Success

Process improvements are most successful after first assessing the purpose of the process and the current state. The assessment requires an interview and review of the actual process, not what employees understand the process to be. The workflow above is logical and yet is often overlooked in the haste to resolve customer issues that mount under the weight of an inefficient process, whether poorly designed for any volume of transactions or sufficient with a small volume of transactions, where growth has been achieved without an evolution (or revolution) of the existing Standard Operating Procedure. These steps are shown above in a circle as processes can always be improved (see the step called “step back and improve”). X-it will be relentless with your staff to engrain this process discipline in the organization so that all processes are assessed and improved via this circular workflow.

X-it will further assess the tools (software) involved in each process reviewed to assist management in assessing its viability as the platform for the process, based on the goals of the organization (growth and level of customer satisfaction desired). Software should, when properly implemented, assist the users in managing the process with little manual intervention, with transparency to the user and most importantly the customer, and capable of scale for those that desire to grow the business. A Good example of this are payroll processes that are performed internally when the company is small and as it grows struggles to efficiently process payroll in a system not specifically designed for processing payroll in multiple states (multiple tax juridisdiction filings, etc.) with many payroll inputs (i.e. hourly employees, commissions, etc.). X-it can assist with the conversion to a 3rd party payroll processor.
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