X-it Strategy, a financial consulting firm, is focused primarily on the electronic security industry, assisting small to middle market companies, improving the value embedded within their finance/accounting resources, optimizing their business processes and organizing their environment for a capital event.

X-it Strategy Consulting LLC

Financial Organizational Development (”FOD”)

X-it will work collaboratively with management to assess the structure and quality of resource within the financial organization. This assessment will insure that the proper leadership and supervision is embedded within the FO and proper coverage exists for the various functional processes that are both managed (i.e. billing, procure to pay, payroll) and accounted for/reported on. Additionally, X-it will assist in building or improving the metric management and information delivery environment within the organization.
X-it Strategy Consulting LLC

Event Planning (“EP”)

X-it will work collaboratively with management to develop an environment where key documents are stored in a shared but access managed portal. The initial process of developing content in the portal will be used as an opportunity to obtain operational and financial process improvements. Efficient access to key documents is a critical element in running the day to day operations, and ultimately, when an event is planned, the process to prepare for that event will be extremely efficient, the time to market will be greatly reduced, and the probability of success will be greatly increased. Most importantly, X-it will work with management to create a cultural shift to insure that the portal is maintained on a real time basis.
X-it Strategy Consulting LLC

Business Process Improvement and Automation (“BPIA”)

X-it will work collaboratively with management and the various process owners to assess, document, and improve (through process re-engineering and automation implementations as required). Most importantly, X-it will work with management to create a cultural shift that is embedded within the organization to insure that processes are managed in a cycle of “continuous monitoring and evolution” for the benefit of the customer’s experience.
X-it Strategy Consulting LLC


"It’s a genuine pleasure to provide a professional reference for Ken Wiesenfeld. I have known Ken for over ten years, and have worked with him on a wide range of alarm industry topics: from sophisticated financial issues, to strategic planning, to overall corporate governance, I have not met his match. Ken is not just highly intelligent, and well-versed in his field: he also possess a level of integrity that instills trust in everyone he works with. He is also remarkably diligent, and combines efficiency with hard work to great effect. And if that is not enough, I heartily encourage anyone considering working with Ken to contact me directly!"
Peter M. Rogers
Co-Founder & Senior Advisor
FrontPoint Security
"As CFO of Security Networks, Ken was absolutely critical to the success of the company. And he is much more than a CFO. Ken is not only highly skilled in financial reporting, and budgeting, he is also a process oriented operations executive, with a very high sense of urgency and attention to detail."
Richard W. Perry
Perry Companies, Inc.
founder and former CEO for Security Networks
"During the seven years I have worked with Mr. Wiesenfeld, he has demonstrated many times his remarkable aptitude for recognizing processes that are inefficient and can be automated or improved upon, saving time and money. He is clear and concise in his communications, and is an excellent resource in the areas of Accounting, Finance, and Business Process Automation. Ken also has an exceptional understanding of software development, and the costs, benefits and challenges of re-engineering business processes. It has been a pleasure working with Ken, and I would recommend him to any company looking to grow efficiently, streamline its processes, or take its business to the next level."
Lori Gottschalk
Aspenroot Consulting, LLC
"Ken worked under my direction for more than 1 year at Security Technologies Group. Within the first few months of our working relationship, I began to rely more and more on Ken in a wide variety of projects and programs that were vital to the company’s success. He has the “rare” ability to effectively multitask and prioritize while staying focused and organized, and could always be counted on to keep me updated. He also possesses a remarkable capacity for managing a tremendous amount of detail. I relied on Ken to brief me on the important issues, while resting comfortably that someone had a grasp of all of those underlying details."
Michael Mcleod
Interface Security
"Ken is one of the most diligent managers that I have ever worked with. He is extremely well organized and can handle a multitude of complex tasks, while maintaining his poise. Ken’s follow up skills are exceptional and his ability to produce positive results was remarkable. I have seldom worked with someone whom I could trust to never “drop the ball”. Ken was one of those people. In addition, his instincts and judgment about the business were in the best keeping of a successfully growing organization."
Stephen J. Hall
Former VP
Sensormatic Commercial/Industrial Division
"Ken is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced financial and strategic professionals in the security alarm business. I was lucky enough to work with him at a leading alarm company where he had a tremendously positive impact on the company’s financial controls, on its operating results, and ultimately, on returns for the shareholders. He recently concluded an assignment that was of a much bigger scale and with even better results for his shareholders. And his style is part of his success: He’s considerate, consultative, diplomatic, and discreet. His track record and many supporters in the industry speak for him, but I am certainly happy to provide this testament."
Darius G. Nevin
Former CFO
Protection One
"Ken Wiesenfeld is one of the most skilled and disciplined executives I’ve encountered. Ken brings together a deep understanding of operations with financial expertise, IT systems knowledge, and an incredible work ethic to produce outstanding business results. I would recommend Ken’s work to anyone."
Scott Baker
Oak Hill Capital